Weight loss 101 What are ketone supplements

Weight loss 101: What are ketone supplements?

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Have you been on a weight loss program but experience your weight coming back every time you stop it? It’s as if you are forever required to do those extreme workouts and live with those insane dietary restrictions. Good news, though – there’s a kind of supplement that helps burn fat and maintain your ideal weight: the ketone supplement. What are ketone supplements?

Ketones are used by the body to generate energy through the mitochondria. It is another source of fuel when carbohydrates or glucose in insufficient. There are three kinds of ketones produced by the liver: acetone, acetoacetic acid, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB). The latter is not technically a ketone but its function is similar to ketone because it also transforms into fuel or energy.

In 2014, ketone supplements were introduced in the world of nutritional supplements. They have grown popular among people who are into weight loss programs. How do these supplements work? For what are they used for?

What are ketone supplements?

The term used when the ketone is taken through nutritional supplement is an exogenous ketone, while the term used for the ketones produced in the liver are endogenous ketone bodies. Ketone supplements generally depend on the BHB as the principal derivative. Some amount of BHB is transformed to acetoacetic acid while a portion is converted into acetone.

Exogenous ketones provide the body supplemental amount of ketones. They work well with a low carb diet. When the body has an insufficient amount of glucose, it uses ketones as the primary source of fuel. Hence, the unwanted fats in the body will be utilized and burned resulting in weight loss.

Unlike any other weight loss supplements, ketone supplements help in maintain the ideal weight. One function of an exogenous ketone is inhibiting the appetite or cravings for food. It suppresses the appetite, reducing your overall food intake.

Unlike other weight loss supplements, ketone supplements also regulate blood sugar. Having a ketogenic diet, you get a plentiful amount of vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. This amount results in more stabilized blood sugar which helps in decreasing food cravings and keeping your weight. It is better than the traditional diet foods which are composed of high carbohydrates and refined sugars.

When to take ketone supplements?

Take ketone supplements when you are on a low carb diet. When you take carbs, you will be utilizing glucose as the main source of fuel and not fats and ketones. So, don’t take ketone supplements when you’re not on a low carb diet because it will defeat the purpose. Ketone supplements aid you in gaining a  ketogenic metabolic state but they can’t undo carb intake.

When you’ve plan to incorporate ketone supplements in your diet, do it gradually. There is a possibility that you’d suffer gastrointestinal side effects when you quickly add it to your diet or instantly take a high dosage of it. Make sure that you take the right amount because ketone supplements might get absorbed through the stomach into the liver and get distributed to the different parts of the body.

Potential side effect of ketone supplements

There is a little side effect of ketone supplement: the so-called ‘ketosis breath’. It is a momentary effect and soon fades away. The ‘ketosis breath’ smells unpleasant and has a hint of acetone to it. Even though is it unpleasant, it’s harmless.


Healthy weight loss – it’s what ketone supplements are for. They are an effective way to lose weight. Along with a low carb diet, take ketone supplements to enhance ketosis, a metabolic state where the body utilizes stored fats instead of glucose or carbs. Since you’re on a low carb diet, there is a low amount of glucose that the body can use for fuel. Ketone supplements provide ketones, which are then converted into fuel or energy.

Just like any other nutritional supplements, ketone supplements should be taken properly to get the most from them. You should be on a low carb diet and take it gradually to prevent serious gastrointestinal effects.

Some people expect immediate weight loss when they take ketone supplements. This is a misconception. You should still have that workout routine or regular physical activity so that you can utilize the fuel supply from the ketosis and burn unwanted fats. Excess fats from ketosis might be distributed to different parts of the body.

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