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Will Low-Carb Tortillas Kick You Out of Ketosis?

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Ever get jealous of your friends and family when you see them eating tacos? A tortilla is packed with carbs, so you shouldn’t eat tacos when on the keto diet.

However, you can now buy low-carb tortillas made for those who are on a high-fat and low-carb diet.

Will low-carb tortillas kick you out of ketosis?

We compare the carb count of low-carb tortillas with the original ones. We also answer the question, are low-carb tortillas keto-friendly?

low carb tortillas ketosis

Tortilla Carbs and Nutrition

Tortillas are one of the most versatile foods out there. They can be eaten hot or cold and they make yummy crispy tacos or chips, or soft wraps and burritos.

Tortillas can be classified into two types, wheat tortillas, and corn tortillas. The former has become famous after the discovery that wheat flour can provide a solid tortilla base.

A wheat tortilla is softer and more pliable. They are also less chewy in texture compared to the corn variant.

On the other hand, corn tortillas are the original type of tortillas. They are a type of thin flatbread made from ground maize.

Wheat tortillas usually contain around 35 grams of carbs per 71-gram serving (1 tortilla), while corn tortillas have around 19 grams of carbs for a 44-gram serving (2 tortillas).

Corn tortillas are often considered healthier than wheat ones as they contain more vitamins and minerals. Yellow corn, the main ingredient, contains vitamin A, lutein, and folate.

Vitamin A and lutein can protect your eye health, while folate can help prevent cognitive decline, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

Wheat flour is usually over-processed and stripped of its nutrients.

Low-Carb Tortilla Carbs and Nutrition

Low-Carb tortillas, such as Mission Foods’ Low-Carb Wrap, are made with wheat flour. Compared to its original variant, the Low-Carb Wrap contains 11.3 grams of carbs per wrap (48g).

7.1 grams of this is fiber so they are only 4.2 grams of net carbs each.

The low-carb wheat tortilla also usually includes a high level of grains, legumes, and gluten. If you are gluten-sensitive, these may not be good for you. 

Low-carb tortillas can have more gluten than ordinary ones. This wrap also has soy, which mimics estrogen when refined.

As mentioned, a corn tortilla is a healthier option for some. With low-carb wheat tortilla, you may miss out on the vitamins and minerals you can have. 

Are Tortillas Bad for Weight Loss?

Tortillas are not bad for weight loss unless you are on a strict keto diet. They can help you lose weight if you’re on a calorie-deficit diet.

With fewer calories and carbs, low-carb tortillas can help you cut down on your total calorie intake which, in turn, helps you drop a few pounds.

Will Low-Carb Tortillas Kick You Out of Ketosis?

Your daily carb intake on keto depends on many factors, but it should be around 20 to 50 grams only. 

Too many of these low-carb tortillas can kick you out of ketosis.

One or two of these may be okay for your keto diet. Just make sure that you do not go over your daily carb limit. And don’t forget to calculate the fillings you put inside.

You also want to be careful because white flour is quickly processed by the body, creating an increase in blood glucose, and activating a strong insulin response.

There are many ways to consume this yummy Mexican staple on keto, which we will discuss in the next few sections.  

You may also follow a targeted keto diet or a cyclical keto diet if you’re physically active so you can increase your tortilla consumption.

The targeted keto diet is for people who work out. 

They can consume an extra 20-50 g carbs up to 50 minutes before and after working out.

Meanwhile, the cyclical keto diet is for athletes who train at a high intensity that their body needs more carbs.

To follow the cyclical diet, do a standard ketogenic for five days, then a high-carb, low-fat diet for two days.

Is a Low-Carb Tortilla Keto-Friendly?

Just because it won’t kick you out of ketosis doesn’t mean it is keto-friendly. “Dirty keto” refers to keto that allows highly processed and packaged foods as fat sources.

While the glycemic index of low-carb tortillas is moderate to low, they may still include ingredients that could damage your health.

Most tortillas contain enriched bleached white flour, corn starch, hydrogenated oils, sodium benzoate, dough conditioners, cellulose gum, and sorbic acid. 

If you have gluten sensitivity, you should also avoid flour tortillas as they are made with wheat.

It can cause the following symptoms:

  • bloating
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain
  • headaches
  • skin issues
  • fatigue.

Keto Tortilla Recipes

Instead of buying corn tortillas or low-carb wheat tortillas, why not try making your own with coconut flour?

Aside from being rich in fiber, it also improves your blood sugar, metabolism, and it is loaded with saturated fats.

Here are two recipes to try for your homemade keto tortillas.

Cauliflower Keto Tortillas

Cauliflower has a similar texture to corn tortillas, so they will hold whatever food you put inside without breaking.

For this recipe, you just have to grate cauliflower florets using a food processor, then add egg, garlic powder, salt, and cheese.

Mix all the ingredients then place on a baking sheet to cook. 

Soft Keto Tortillas

Cristina Curp’s easy soft keto tortillas have only 1 gram of net carbs per serving, and only require the following ingredients:

  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 cup coconut flour
  • ground psyllium husk powder
  • olive oil
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • hot water.

This makes 12 tortillas (2 per serving) and you can even freeze the leftovers.

FAQ Keto Diet and Ketosis

Does Tortilla Have Fiber?


Both wheat and corn tortillas contain around 2g of fiber per one-ounce serving.

Fiber is a necessary nutrient that helps with digestion and gut health. Soluble fiber helps to pass unnecessary things out of your body, while insoluble fiber helps add bulk to your waste product.

However, because fiber comes from carbs, many keto dieters lack this essential nutrient. 

But you may always compensate with fiber supplements on the keto diet!

How Do I Test My Ketone Levels?

We have an article all about ketone level testing methods, but the three main ways to test your ketone levels are through your urine, breath, or blood. 

You should test yourself at least once a day to make sure you’re still in ketosis. This allows you to adjust your diet to compensate.

Testing your ketone levels is necessary when eating high-carb foods like tortillas, so make sure you always have testing equipment with you.

What Kind of Fat Should I Eat on Keto?

Not all fats are created equally.

The best types of fats include saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, natural trans fats, and natural polyunsaturated fats.

These healthy fats will keep you energized, fit, and healthy on the keto diet. 

Ditch the myth that all fats can cause health issues. Here’s a guide to good and bad fats on the keto diet.

What Kinds of Foods Will Kick You Out of Ketosis?

Going over your daily carb limit will kick you out of ketosis. High-carb foods such as pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets, and more will kick you out of ketosis.

Remember, just because it is healthy doesn’t mean it’s keto-friendly. Fruits and vegetables that may kick you out of ketosis include bananas, peas, carrots, and parsnips.

Find out other foods and drinks that will hick you out of ketosis.

Can You Eat Low-Carb Tortillas on Keto?

Yes, you can eat low-carb tortillas while on the keto diet, if you don’t go beyond your daily carb limit. 

But beware that low-carb tortillas can still rapidly increase your blood glucose levels because of the wheat flour they contain.

Try making your own tortilla wraps with coconut flour! Aside from being keto-friendly, coconut flour is also rich in fiber, an essential component of any diet.

Find out which fiber supplements can support your keto diet

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