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The Best MCT Oil for Keto Dieters

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One of the best essential supplements for a keto diet is MCT oil. There are several benefits to adding MCT oil to your diet and it is versatile enough that you can use it in a number of ways. We take a look at what MCT oil is, how you can use it to supplement your diet and recommend the best MCT oil for keto.

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What is MCT oil?

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are a fatty acid made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. MCTs are digested more rapidly in the body than other types of fats and are considered a clean fuel source for the body and brain while also helping to boost your metabolism levels.

They are metabolized quickly into ketones that your body can use as energy. Long-chain triglycerides also take longer to metabolize and get stored as fat in the process.

There are several types of MCTs: caproic (C6:0), caprylic (C8:0), capric (C10:0), and lauric (C12:0). Generally, the shorter the carbon chain, the faster the body can turn the fatty acids into usable energy in the form of ketones.

All forms of MCT are beneficial though MCT oils that use a combination of C8 and C10 are considered cleaner and more suitable supplements for the keto diet.

For more on the different types of MCTs see this article.

Why Is MCT Oil Good for Ketosis?

Because MCT oil gets digested more rapidly, it will help you increase the metabolism in your body and this can provide you with more energy and lead to weight loss. Studies have also shown that people get more weight loss and decreased body fat when consuming MCT oil rather than other oils like olive oil, for example.

The body primarily has two major energy sources which are glucose and ketone bodies. The majority of people usually burn glucose as a source of energy because they constantly feed their body with a supply of carbs, sugars, starches, and proteins that can be turned into blood sugar.

Keto dieters do not use glucose as a form of energy, they use ketone bodies instead. Once the body is starved of glucose it will begin to use ketones instead. This is why MCT oil is a good supplement for ketosis since it provides a direct and indirect fuel source for the body and brain.

What are the Benefits of MCT Oil for Keto?

There are some great benefits for your body and health when adding MCT oil to your keto diet:

  • Reduced appetite.
  • Increased energy.
  • Improved cognitive function.
  • It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. With the capacity to combat harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in the gut.
  • Easily digested.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Lower blood sugar.
  • It has the ability to positively alter metabolism.

How to Use MCT Oil on a Keto Diet?

MCT oil is a great supplement to add to your keto diet because it is a good source of healthy fats. It does not raise your blood sugar and provides a good source of energy. Here are some ways you can introduce MCT oil into your keto diet:

  • Add it to your food. Use it as a cooking oil or add it to salads and dressings you make.
  • Drink it. There are a number of ways you can add MCT oil to drinks like smoothies and protein shakes.
  • Bulletproof coffee. A popular drink to add MCT oil to is your coffee. Widely known as Bulletproof Coffee, this involves blending grass-fed, unsalted butter, MCT oil, and coffee. This is just one variation. You can make any coffee-based keto drink with the addition of MCT oil. So be sure to experiment with your own drinks but also keep an eye on the ingredients to make sure they are all keto-friendly and low-carb.
  • MCT oil powder can also be substituted for flour in some baking recipes.

MCT Oil or Powder, Which Is Better?

In this section, we will shed some light on the differences between MCT oil and MCT powder. Which one of these is best to use and what are their limitations?


While MCT oil has a ton of benefits in a keto diet, it also has some limitations. What are they and how does this affect your keto diet?

The first downside to MCT oil is that it could trigger digestive problems for those who are not used to it. Research has shown that MCT oil can induce diarrhea, irritability, and vomiting, as well as intestinal gas and discomfort. This happens when a person consumes too much MCT oil or takes it on an empty stomach. It will also give your stomach a hard time if you have a sensitive digestive tract or are prone to problems like bloating.

Another problem with MCT oil is that it is hard to carry. This can be an issue for those who are always on the move, on vacation, at work for long hours, or always at the gym. You would have to carry the whole bottle around or buy it in smaller bottles, which can be more expensive. Carrying MCT oil is also risky especially if your travels involve getting on an airplane.

MCT oil can also be difficult to add into drinks without vigorous shaking or blending.

On the plus side, MCT oil does not need a carrier to produce, so it is considered a purer product. It is also more readily available than powder.

MCT Powder

MCT powder is not as common as oil and can be difficult to find, particularly a good quality one. Like MCT oil it has some similar drawbacks.

The first is that some of them are made with unhealthy fillers, additives, and sweeteners that can spike your blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis entirely. Make sure to carefully select a good high-quality MCT powder if you are looking to use it in your keto diet.

MCT oil requires a carrier fiber in order to be turned into powder. Manufacturers might take advantage of this by using low-quality fibers and make a product with unfavorable ratios of MCTs.

The positive reasons to choose powder over oil is that it can be easier to digest, it mixes better with other ingredients for drinks and recipes, and it is more convenient to carry when traveling.

Choosing the Right MCT Oil Supplement for You

Like with any supplement, you get what you pay for. If you want a higher quality product you may have to pay more to get it. You can take a trade-off and buy a cheaper MCT oil or powder, but you may have to sacrifice quality.

Cheaper MCT oils may include lauric acid, which doesn’t have the same benefits as the shorter chain acids. They may also source their MCTs from unsustainable and unethical products like palm oil. They may also include other ingredients and fillers that are not suitable for a keto diet.

Make sure to check your labels and find out where the MCTs are coming from.

The Best MCT Oil for Keto

We think the products from Perfect Keto are some of the best to choose for keto diet supplements.

The best MCT oil for keto dieters is Perfect Keto Pure MCT Oil. This one just ticks all the boxes for us. It only contains C8 and C10 MCTs from sustainably sourced coconuts without any additives or fillers.

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The Best MCT Oil Powder for Keto

Perfect Keto also does an MCT oil powder as well. It is the same MCTs as their oil product and is processed with acacia fiber, which is a high soluble fiber prebiotic. There are no other ingredients.

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There are plenty of MCT oil products on the market at the moment so do your research and get the one that suits your needs and budget. For other keto supplement recommendations check out these articles.

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